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Sep 9, 2015
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I'm interested in applying as an Officer after having finished University this year. However, i'm aware that on the initial application documents and also the POC and AIB i'm going to have to explain my past experiences in terms of leadership and delegating responsibilities.

I have 4 examples off the top of my head and wanted to ask whether they would be suitable examples to show me as a leader:

  • My college Sport and exercise science course had an adventurous training module where we performed outdoor activities such as obstacle courses. I took charge in one course that involved climbing up a series of suspended logs. I delegated myself and others to climb up first, then pulled the less capable ones up.
  • At University I took charge of a group presentation and delegated which slides we would be doing each. I also arranged for us meet up in the library and practice it before delivering it to members of staff.
  • At University I planned and ran my own Dissertation project. I recruited people I knew and performed experiments relating to my field. This also shows time management.
  • When I worked as a fitness instructor at a gym, I organised a fitness competition between the members and the prize was a free month's membership. They had to row 200 meters on a rowing machine as fast as they can. In order to motivate them, I played the pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on the gym speakers really loud (*text deleted*).

If I don't have much experience as a leader, will I automatically fail in becoming an Officer?

I understand that i'm lacking in the "delegating responsibilities" area, will this also negatively affect me?
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