Officer selection/POC in RMR


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Aug 12, 2008
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First, great site guys, really useful.

Second, my query:

I've just joined RMR Bristol's Holding Troop (absolutely loving it, really want to get cracking now) - selection weekend not until November. Now most of my mates, and a few regulars I know are saying I should 'join as an officer' - no problems academically (420 UCAS points, degree, etc.), but I was led to believe I couldn't do this; not in RMR and not if over 26 - I'm 27 on Friday.

Problem is I keep getting different info from my Det, my AFCO, Dorset house, etc. so really wanted your help.....

Am I right in thinking the best way for me to go for officer selection is to do RMR PRMC and Phase one traing like everyone else, then apply to do the reserve-style POC, AIB etc alongside Phase 2 training? Or do I have to wait until I've got my green lid, then go for reserve POC?

If the first one is correct then do I need to do anything now (other than work like a *text deleted**text deleted**text deleted** on my Phys and get top marks at the PRMC) or should I wait until I'm in Phase 1 before applying, and how do you apply??

Any advice would be good - I definitely want to be an officer in the reserves, so it seems pointless waiting until after my Green lid, to even start officer selection, unless I have to - rather get on with it ASAP really.