Other than the Marines, where would you go?


May 21, 2020
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Hi all, i've been keen to join the infantry in the forces for a while now and have been thinking over the details and specific aspects unique to, not just the marines, but in the army as well

as a general statement that is mostly true, the marines are an elite force trained to a higher standard than the army and this can be seen with how the army's reputation as a branch of the forces never grabs people's attention quite the way bringing up the royal marines does. This is of course not the basis on which i would be judging which i would join, not to worry it's just an observation

however, there are of course regiments and units within the Army are seen as being on a similarly elite standard as the RM, take the Gurkhas and the Paras etc.

It got me wondering if there were any parts of the Army that a Marine would be happy to serve in on the basis of their standards, professionalism and, for lack of a better word, prestige, being of a similar standard and what that might be.
So yeah, would be interesting to find out what parts of the Army you guys did/would seriously consider trying to get into and would hold a soldier in fair esteem from such a unit if you met them



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Mar 27, 2017
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The marines are the best regardless you watch any video of troops from different countries (Navy seals, other marines etc) and its always about the Royal Marines.

I applied for the marines 15 years ago failed interview (maturity,attitude) had to wait a few years had no choice so went army route and the standards well was very low let’s put it that way I was always looking over my shoulder thinking why am I here I only did basic training but I can still remember so much about it and others may think well your serving your country you should be proud but I honestly never feel that way.
Ive pretty much been in the marines application for 3 years now and my family who know nothing of the military even say themselves go the army instead make a career out if it anyone can get in there so and so did it and their #### get my point?
The Gurkhas and paras are most certainly highly regarded no doubt but it’s when you just look at the words “Royal Marines Commando“ and the history they have nothing grabs your attention like they do!
If I could not go the marines route then the paras would be the next choice as there also an exceptional service but in all honest it would be the marines or nothing as I just couldn’t deal with being in anything but them but that’s my mindset on it.