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Apr 1, 2008
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Don't know about you lads, but i find this really really helpful in my preparation for the PRMC and eventual RT. I have'nt got the best head for heights, but just getting used to jumping off things, climbing walls, landing two-footed properly and jumping large gaps, it has improved my all round balance, stability and it is a great workout because you use your whole body. I do simple things like when i'm running, i will climb up a lamp post all the way to the top, control myself sliding back down, run to the next one and repeat! Its great!

Check this out -

Parkour runners work with the Royal Marines and that site has great tips on exercising and nutrition.

I hope this helps you lads, because it has bloody helped me! I recommend that you don't go mad and jump off 10 foot walls, that is'nt really necessary, but things like jumping off 4 foot walls and landing two-footed and getting used to throwing your body about is great!

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