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    Hi there, lads.

    Pleased to confirm I passed my interview earlier on! Now just S.C., the medical on the 20th, and that’s me attested into the R.M.R hopefully before Christmas! Now, I am going to give my experiences of the interview and some hints and tips. The post will be rambling so apologise in advance!

    The interview was not the easiest. It is in-depth and some questions are tricky though not difficult. I arrive at 08:45 and my interview was 09:00. Arrive early to show willing. Also? Suited and booted, white shirt and tie. I wore a three piece suit but I am sure a two piece will more than suffice. Next, the interviewer took me into a small room and asked me 5 questions, all of which are based on me, apart from the final one. After the interview, you are asked questions. You are sent away for around 45-minutes (nerve racking is an understatement!). If you pass? They will discuss with you your views on drugs, and Conditions of Standards and Behaviour and the Security Clearance (unfortunately for me? I have to get a passport first. But will physically collect one one day this week) and that is that. With me also? They asked about my financial circumstances. Do not know if this is standard but it is what it is. Now the tips:

    *Home Background:
    Basically it is what it is. From cradle to youth. Answer all that you can remember. Where you were born, you parents, your background, your life etc. There really is nothing to revise here, lads, as the topic of discussion is you. Just revise your answers.

    Again, answer all questions relating to education and revise it. Think about the answers (you will have "Guidance on Preparation for the Selection Interview" handout) and try to ensure there are no "gaps" as your interviewer will immediately find discrepancies. Again, you cannot mess this up so long as you are honest. And do not be embarrassed about certain aspects of your education. It shows humility and shows integrity.

    *Work record: (if applicable)
    Again, briefly outline where you have worked and what you have done in that work. If unemployed? Admit it and say what you have been doing in those years of unemployment. They will ask you.

    *Spare Time Activities, Interests, Hobbies and Fitness:
    Fitness is a big part of this question, lads. Ensure your fitness is up to scratch and perhaps bring a training record with you to show you take the Royal Marines seriously (whether reservist or regular. Perhaps not essential but I did to show how serious I was); and for hobbies? No matter how mundane they sound, say them! Talk about them and enjoy talking about them (unless it is something of a sexual nature!)

    *Motivation and Service knowledge:
    More difficult than what you think. Take time to think about what motivates you and try not to say anything outlandish (e.g., "I am motivated by guns") and for service history? All I can advise is revise! The information you are given at your R.T will come in handy and whilst some of you might be tempted to use Google, bear in mind Google can be both your friend, and it can be your foe! Best way to get knowledge? Use the guide you have been giving on the Corps and research the key aspects. I cannot stress enough to get your information from genuine/legit sources only. Wikipedia/Elite Forces etc. do not, at least to me, appear to be "legit" and I am in no way decrying either but I believe there are genuinely better sources of information.

    So all in all? I would rate the interview? Tough. Some people might state "it is easy" but I would exert a healthy dose of caution. Remember? This is an interview that will determine your future. Also? I think it has to be added the R.N do not have to take you (in spite of news reports stating "manning crisis'" and whatnot) so please, do not think that the R.N will take you, regardless, of performance at the interview. Treat it seriously, be calm, confident and want the job and you'll get through it. Remember? The interviewer is not there to fail you, s/he is there to assess you. Only you can pass or fail yourself.

    I would stress to have someone do a "mock" interview with you. Give them the form and ask them to ask you the questions. It might sound daft, but it works. And also? That gives you an opportunity to remember certain aspects of your background to use at the interview, and being forearmed with information, as opposed to saying "well, I think" shows good communication skills. Regarding the service history? Learn about your potential future service. Key dates, battles etc. And when your interviewer asks you questions relating to history? Go above and beyond what s/he asks you. It will make a good, solid impression. Remember? We all want to be Royal Marines Commandos. Let us use this state of mind at the first hurdle.

    Best wishes:
    The Creature of the Night.
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    Congratulations on passing your interview .

    Hello there is some really great advise you have given out, I am at the medical stage which is still to be booked.

    I just wanted to ask did you fell nervous or full of confidence?

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