Passed Interview and medical


Jun 16, 2017
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Passed my medical last week and passed my interview today. Just here to answer any questions on the two. Remember though the answers i give arent set in stone as you can asked completely different questions on your interview. I know a lot of lads hot topic for interview is what service knowledge they ask. I was a asked a lot in my interview. Just to help you lads out i advise you guys revise everything on the PRMC and have good knowledge of the 32 week training, know the 4 commando courses and probably learn a couple Exercises in the 32 week training, or atleast know the names of some e.g Marshal Star at week 7. Also good to know the pay, crest and everything on it, also terms and conditions such as drug policy. I also brought up some current affairs such as 40 commando and HMS ocean is currently helping out in Barbados with the recent Hurricane irma. Anymore questions feel free to ask. Happy to help

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