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Aug 15, 2007
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Over the last year, i've got my self more and more hyped up for my PRMC ''this December'' and i've non-stopped training, getting myself fit!

i've also changed in many many ways! personality wise, i see things different now, i talk different, i behave different.. and i'm not even in the Marines yet. Its not that i'm growing up! its just the basic fact that i really want to be a Royal Marines Commando.

If and when i start RT! through out the 32 weeks you bond with your troop, become best mates, know each other inside out. Also personally, how much would each other change? is it a big difference? or just the fact you become more aware of things? sharp, more alert.. more mature and respect? or become a nutter, not scared of anything?

I know a few lads on here have or was in RT!
wondering if you could just give a little info to if this is true, and in what ways you mainly change.



Jul 10, 2007
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What most people find as they go through school, is they hang around with a like-minded, simularly maturing & same-aged peer group.

Once in the workplace the people you associate with tend to be much more diverse in terms of outlook, experience & age range, as indeed they will be in the Corps.

There will be a stronger common bond with those you train with than most people have ever encountered before, many that do not join never do encounter this bond of mutual respect - you will know each other very well & mature mentally & physically in a collective sense.


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Jun 25, 2007
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I will agree with what NS said.

Im not in direct contact with anybody from my school days anymore,even though majority of them live in the same area still.Most of my friends now are people I now work with or ive randomly bumped into on nights out and kept in contact.Most of my mates are older than me (Im 25) with some of my mates in their late 30's early 40's.