Pes Cavus (high Arch foot)


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Feb 3, 2008
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I have this condition. Apparently its pretty rare. i passed a medical for the australian defence force but i think that was due to having a dodgy doctor.

i have never really had any problems with it although previously i did have stiffening in my calfs and sore ankle but after being reffered to a physio i stretch everynite and it has got better. i can run and do all physical tasks like running without incident.

i know its hard and only the medical examiner can give me a definiative answer but has anyone heard of this conditon before and do you know anyone who has got in with this

any advice/help is greatly appreciated

if anyone wants to read futher

thanks in advance for any help


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Nov 15, 2007
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If your have little problem during running maybe you should consider an insole to help correct any slight discomfort you are getting, i use heat mould able insoles in my shoes as you can make them a more custom fit for your feet.

Here is a link to the them they have links to loads of online shops that will mail em to you almost anywhere in the world.

Hope this helps

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