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Discussion in 'Training Methods and Diet Suggestions' started by yorkshireman94, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Sep 7, 2017
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am coming to you today for help in regards to my PJFT test which is p4obably about 4 or 5 weeks away depending on progression with regards to my medical.

    I have passed the mock once but I am struggling greatly with the return run! For some reason I start I am suffering a mental blockage around the 3 minute mark on the return on a speed of about 14.8 to 15KPH.

    I am sure that I have got the endurance in my legs as I do not have a problem running outside and I train my every week as part of a weight lifting programme. My RMFA stats are also at a decent place so I know it's just the PJFT side of things that is letting me down.

    I am currently following the training programme at the back of the PRMC handout booklet if any body has seen this? I am asking for any tips anyone can give, I also struggle with my breathing and feel panicked when I cannot get a rhythm going on the return run which I think is the biggest problem of all!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Cuzza22297

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    Feb 19, 2017
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    Do a mock PJFT once a week.

    12.5 kph for the first, then do 14.5kph for the return. This speed will get you in bang on 10 mins (not including treadmill getting up to speed)

    Then, provided you complete the run successfully, increase the speed of the return leg (keep the first leg at 12.5) by 0.1/0.2 each week.

    The gradual progression will really help and before you know it you'll be completing the run back on 16.0+, close to a sub 9 min time.

    This is the method I'm using and it has been working really well so far.
  3. TheKernowKid

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    May 20, 2011
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    you can actually run the first 2.4km at 11.7 and still get in 5 seconds under the time. means you can preserve more energy for the second run. but other than that ^^ what he said.
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  4. Thorny99

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    To get a rhythm going, breath in for each two steps taken and breathe out for each two steps taken aswell. It's supposed to be a better form of breathing when running and also gets a good rhythm going as you can take your mind off things and focus on keeping your breathing in time with your steps. It works for me
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  5. Jester1664

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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Intervals did it for me, run the first on on 12kph then a min later do 6x400m efforts on 16.5kph or above then a week or so do 4x600m efforts(don't forget incline). got my PJFT next Thursday! Another thing ive done thats helped me with mental blocks and boredom is look at it as checkpoints, 0-800m,800-1600m, 1600-2000m then a final 400m sprint to the finish just focus on making it to the next checkpoint and it should make it easier on the mind because running 800m to the next checkpoint is much better than thinking i have 2000 meters to go. hope this helps.

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