PJFT Tommorow!


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Jan 9, 2008
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Right lads all booked!

However even though i live in colchester i have to go to chelmsford because fitness first here isn't "trained with the system yet" and its made me feel a little more nervous (because of time waisting with travel there and timing etc, i've done practices before but i don't know why i'm that extra bit nervous!!

Any tips to feel a little more relaxed anyone?


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Nov 15, 2007
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First off best of luck for tomorrow!

Easy relaxation technique that was taught to me in High School and use it to this day goes like this.

Whether sitting or standing.
1.Tense the muscles in your feet for 3 seconds then release
2.Tense your calf muscle for 3 seconds then release
3.Tense your thighs for 3 seconds then release
4.Tense your abdominals for 3 seconds then release
5.Tense your pectoral muscles for 3 seconds then release
6.Tense your shoulder and back muscles for 3 seconds and release
7.Tense your bicep for 3 seconds then release
8.Tense your forearms and hands for 3 seconds then release
9.Tense your neck for 3 seconds then release
10.Tense your jaw for 3 seconds then release
11.Lastly tense your cheeks for 3 seconds then release

And repeat this a few times and breathe deeply, your blood flow increases to your limbs increases and they should feel a little looser. Hopefully you will have been focusing on tensing the muscles that your mind thought of little else or nothing else.

This works for me rather well but there are a host of other simple techniques you can search for.

Also about number 11, sometimes when your doing it your eyes squint and people around you can give you the funniest looks wondering what the hell is wrong with you...this is completely normal and has happened to me quite a bit...you can have a little fun with this by barking at the people if they are close enough as it frightens the hell outta them and gives you a rather large if not somewhat sadistic smile.

But seriously just remember that you have done it before, you can do it...if you need any motivation near the end or at anytime just think how much closer you will be to the green beret when you pass the test.

best of luck to you again and hope this helps.


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Jan 23, 2008
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Before my PJFT i said to myself
"im *text deleted* run as hard, as fast as i can, and that machine is *text deleted* have to kill me for me to slow down"
Just believe in yourself mate and im sure youll wipe the floor with it.