PJFT Trouble!

Discussion in 'Training Methods and Diet Suggestions' started by TyronesCreps, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. TyronesCreps

    TyronesCreps New Member

    Jun 12, 2015
    Failed my first PJFT just couldn't finish the second run fast enough. I've just recovered from a foot injury which stopped my training for a bit and am really struggling to get my running back up.
    Has anyone got any advice or know of a training plan to pass the PJFT.
  2. Vine

    Vine Active Member

    Jan 31, 2015
    Start slow mate, do the whole run without the incline then slowly add 0.5 in and work up until you can do it I've found that worked well for me whilst keeping injury away. Make sure to vary your runs aswell odd distance day hill sprints and mock pjft.
  3. glos94

    glos94 Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    I've passed the PJFT twice now due to doing the world's longest application. I think as long as you have decent general fitness it is mainly mental.

    In my opinion don't go over board on the treadmill, to get your fitness up just just run outside doing 3-5 miles nice and quick, maybe an interval or hill session. Chuck in some hard rowing intervals. Then one mock PJFT a week. For the return set it at 15KPH and just hang in as long as you can until you do the full return and pass mocks consistently.

    I think confidence is massive you want to step on the treadmill for your pjft knowing you've already done it a thousand times and are going to smash it.

    I stopped all other training the week before my PJFT and did the following.

    Day 1- mock pjft
    Day 2- return only
    Day 3- swim
    Day 4- mock pjft
    Day 5- return only
    Day 6- light swim
    Day 7- the real pjft

    That way when I was doing the real thing I new I had complete the return 4 times this week so I was confident.
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  4. TyronesCreps

    TyronesCreps New Member

    Jun 12, 2015

    Awesome thanks for your help !
    This should sort me out for getting back on track and good luck with everything!
  5. Gilbo_375

    Gilbo_375 New Member

    Jul 2, 2016
    App Stage:
    I havent taken my PJFT yet, however i will have it booked soon. I have found the treadmill to be the most challenging part of my training as i have struggled with the return. Initially i found that whacking it up to 15 kmh and maintaining it for 2.4km didnt work for me. So i started doing progressive returns, for example start at 13kmh and every 1 min 30secs increase the speed by 0.5 kmh until 9 minutes, where you just smash it up to as high as possible for the last little bit. Initially i was completing it in about 10:05 minutes, but as you get more comfortable you can mix it up e.g. increase speed by 0.8kmh every 90 seconds or start at 13.5kmh and increase the speed by 1kmh etc and soon youll be coming in under the 10 minute mark. I also found that breaking up the return like this occupies the mind and makes it easier on a mental level.
  6. Rico90

    Rico90 New Member

    Sep 19, 2016
    App Stage:
    Passed PRMC
    I have my pjft coming up soon and I am cycling through 4 different runs, a mock, 2.4k best effort, interval run and a 5k, all of which I do on a tredmill on a 2% incline. The aim is to make sure you improve on each run every time you do it.

    The for mock I set the tredmill to 12km/h and that gets you in at around 12 minutes 10, then set the tredmill to 15km/h for the return and stay on for as long as you can. I found it easier breaking the run into laps, every 400 meters (0.4km) is 1 lap so 2.4k is 6 laps. Each time you do the mock aim to stay on the tedmill for another lap longer than the last time you attempted. When you are able to stay on the treadmill at 15km/h for the full second run then start to increase the speed of the return each session to make sure you beat your previous time.

    The 2.4k best effort is exactly what it says, each time you do this make sure you run it faster than the previous time

    For the interval run warm up by doing 2.4k in under 12 minutes 30, have a minute rest then set the tredmill to a speed faster than you would run the return 2.4k on the mock (18km/h is a decent start speed for this) run on the treadmill for 20 seconds then jump off for 10 seconds (leaving the treadmill running while your feet are on the side), repeat this interval for 4 minutes and then rest for 2 minutes and repeat this cycle 3 times. The next time you try this run set the speed to faster than the previous time.

    The 5k is just a steady 5k on the tredmill, start off with 12km/h pace and each time you try this run increase the pace by 0.2 to 0.4 km/h

    This has worked for me and has improved by pjft time quite a lot, but listen to your body and do what works for you.
  7. TyronesCreps

    TyronesCreps New Member

    Jun 12, 2015
    Thanks everyone for the help, will be taking all your advice into account!
  8. JollyGolly

    JollyGolly Royal Marines Commando

    Sep 25, 2015
  9. arny01

    arny01 Ex Pongo.

    Feb 15, 2015
    4 runs per week.

    1 x 6-8 mile at a steady pace. 8 min/mile.

    2 x BFT back to back, so
    1.5m in 12:30
    1.5m best effort
    1.5m best effort
    1.5m in 12:30.

    1 x recovery run. Slow slow. For 40 mins, or a swim if you prefer?

    Follow with either 1 or 2 days complete rest, then test as follows.

    Mock Pjft on the treadmill
  10. RogerRabbit

    RogerRabbit New Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    App Stage:
    Passed Medical
    Alright Chaps I wanted to make a post about PJFT from my experiences which I think will be really useful.

    I will aim to keep this straight to the point as I myself like to cut to the good stuff when reading other members blog.

    December 2016

    Had my 1st PJFT and failed due to lack of preparation and one big mental barrier which held me back on the day.


    Looking back at it now It was a mental block and a lack of physical preparation where I hadnt gotten to the point where I was completing Mocks before attempting the test. Looking back in hindsight I hadnt prepared myself mentally and so I was *text deleted*ing nervous which ended up in questioning whether I could do it or not.

    What did I learn from this ?

    1)Be prepared lads,make sure your passing mocks on a regular basis a few times a week.

    2)Failure is the greatest teacher as you can learn so much from it as I have found out however it tests you to see how much you want it and you can figure out how to improve yourself for next time.

    3)Do what works for you,we are all going to have different strategy's of getting this run done as long as you get the times required that what counts.

    4) Pace yourself on the 1st run so your not blowing out of your ass too early on,save the energy for the second run and *text deleted*ing go for it.


    6)I personally think Interval training has helped myself loads in the past few weeks and 30 second sprints at about 18kph really helps with speed and stamina.

    7) TRAIN SOMEWHERE OR WITH SOMEONE WHO MOTIVATES YOU -This is of course down to personal preference but I have just changed gym from a commerical gym to a private bodybuilding gym and the atmosphere in second to none. Great for motivation and being around serious people who are willing to work hard should defeintly help.

    8)So theres my tips Lads hope that has helped a few of you, Lastly it goes without saying use the forum lots of great information out there.

    Thank you to everyone who posts on a regular basis,have learn alot from you guys and the advice has really kept me motivated along the way.

    JAN 2017

    Having put the above info into practise have now passed 2 Mocks in the previous 2 days.


    Worth checking out
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