Plantar Fasciitis


Mar 22, 2012
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So I finally decided to do something useful with my spare time and have signed up to join the RMR

After years of running, with only the odd minor injury, the last thought on my mind was failing at the running aspect.

Low and behold 2 months ago I started to develop pain in my heel/arches. The pain is at its worst when I wake up in the morning and first put weight on my feet.

At first I tried to shrug it off and run through it, but after persistently waking up and walking like I had *text deleted**text deleted* myself for the first 15mins I thought I better take it a little more seriously.

I decided to take a month of running, which did help and the pain went away.

However, after two runs it was back with vengeance and I haven?t run since.

I have looked on the net and naturally there are 1001 recommended ways to best treat it.

I believe as its tendon/ligament damage, and the blood supply to these is poor, healing time is increased, which is not good as I could have the PJFT in the next could of months

What im wondering is, has anyone here has a similar injury? And what did they find worked best?

I am due to see the Doc this week, but in my past experience with them, if they cant prescribe anti-biotics for something they just get confused

I am still doing some cardio work out on the bike and on the cross trainer in an effort to try keep my fitness up. But i dont find it has the same impact as a good run =/


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Apr 30, 2008
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Had this years ago and i was given insoles to wear and a few exercises and stretches and *text deleted** not had any problems since. Might be worth seeing a doc to get some more info. :smile1:


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Mar 24, 2009
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Stretches and night splints first of all and a gel pad.