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POC 11-13th July

Discussion in 'Potential Officers Course Dates' started by alan_p, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. alan_p

    alan_p New Member

    Jul 3, 2011
    Hi fellas,

    This is my account of the POC. Hopefully will help future POs in there POC. Unfortunately I didn't pass, but I got a 6 month referral, and I will definately give it another crack in the near future!

    Sunday- The day of no pain

    I arrived at Lympstone around 6 I think. I met a few other lads on the platform and had a nice chat with them. I think this part is under-emphasized, but lots of strong friendships were developed on the first night, and I think this is great help throughout the whole course. We spent the rest of the evening almost totally unsupervised and relaxed, completely opposite to the next 2 days!
    I slept poorly, as far too much was running through my mind, but felt unaffected the next day, which was good :cheesy:

    Monday- Day of reasonable pain

    We all woke up and showered, and came to breakfast all suited up with nerves all around. I forced myself to eat as much as possible, but struggled as my stomach decided to be a nuisance and get butterflies. Light joking from everyone helped ease the mood. After having all our briefs and kit issue, we got into the gym for the RMFA's, something I wasn't feeling confident about. After being taught the slightly interesting, but more annoying gym disciplines, we proceeded on to the bleep test. One tip I would give here is before you start, drink as much as water as possible in small goes, because you won't get a drink until you finish all 4 tests! My throat went dry around level 5 and remained so for the rest of the session.
    For whatever reason, I didn't perform nearly as well as I would have hoped, achieving a measely 12 compared to my previous record of 13.2 :dontaskme: Another tip here I would give is make sure you pay attention to the level you come out on, as I went out at the same time as 2 other blokes, but they reckoned they got a couple of levels above me, so I just wasted easy points.
    Press-ups I excelled at, something I thought I was weak on, attaining 61, so max points for me! Sit-ups again was a dissapointment, reaching 63 compared to my best of 90. Make sure you practice with knees clenched togehter AT ALL TIMES as I had several deducted for this. Pull-ups i got 7, compared to my 8, so not too dissapointed.
    The rest of the day was quite chilled, the planning exercise a good laugh and the interview not to bad. My geography on world events was bad despite having reasonable knowledge, so make sure you know where they are! With further chilling in the evening, we all waited with baited breath for the pain tomorrow.

    Tuesday- Day of inconcievable pain


    At the start of the day we completed the Commando slide and the punch into the net. These are confidence test, so even if you are afraid of heights enjoy them as much as possible. After that we had a monsterous 'warm-up'. This was not as bad as I thought it would be, but still painful none the less. The assualt course came next, with a timed run and then with the logs, which is also good fun. This is when *text deleted**text deleted** got ugly. We replaced our puny logs with much larger ones; my comparison is replacing someone of Dynamo's build with someone similar to Arnold Schw*text deleted**text deleted*negger in his prime. We undertook exercies relying on the entire team working their arses off and as you can imagine this involved one huge amoutn lactic acid. Make sure you pull your own weight, because anyone who slacks off 1) Looks like an idiot 2) Becomes unpopular with the rest of the team. I got very agigated with one lad who did this, who said he had cramp. This was silly because most people there, myself included, experienced cramp at that point and carried on.

    This was closely followed by fireman carries, which completely destroyed my partner and myself. Practice carrying people across fields and this will significantly help you significantly

    My lecturette was a huge fail. I made it quite light hearted, assuming the lads would enjoy a drunken tail of my misfortunes, but the Captain sitting at the back of the room was extremely serious which forced me to change my story on the spot, completely messing it all up. If I could go back i definately would have chosen a serious yet interesting story, with light humour accompanying.


    This was unfortunately where I failed. The dreaded endurance course, followed by 1.5 mile Hare and Hounds with 3 mile run back. I let a horrible thought creep in to my head before it all begun; that I would not be able to finish. This ate away at me all the way through the course and led to my withdrawal. My plan before I got to POC was that even if I couldn't finish, I would go until they told me to stop. This completely eluded my mind whilst I gave up and did not occur to me again until the evening after. :doh: .In all honesty, I probably would not have finished, but I wish I would have gone as far as physically possible. The point where I rapped involved carrying partners up a hill. After the second time I thougth I would not be able to complete another so I withdrew.In all honesty, I probably would not have finished, but I wish I would have gone as far as physically possible. Easy to say know though eh?

    My advice apart from the aforementioned is to practice short, rapid runs to a small circuit station to simulate the endurance course e.g. 800m followed by squats/pressups/dips/ and or carries of any sort, such as baby, piggybacks, fireman's and dragging people then repeat.
    I will take this time to give my huge respects to one of my fellow candidates, a 15 year old Scotsman who was applying for Welbeck. The smallest guy in our group, both in height and muscle, he managed to complete the entire course, making him the youngest ever to pass a POC. :applaus:I would have definately bought him a pint if I could have!

    Wednesday- Day of slight pain

    This was the day of swimming assessment (which wasn't actually assessed) which I found relatively easy. The little Scotsmen, as determined as he was, was very brick-like when he tried to dive in the water, leaving a joint 'Ooooh' from everyone followed by plenty of laughs, from the Scot. This was quite a relaxing way to finish the course, despite swimming 33 metres underwater!
    The rest of the day was made up by presentations, interviews and a long train home.

    Overall, an absolutely hoofin' experience, one that I won't forget, and that I can't wait to try again! It told me a lot about myself, and I now know what to train for as well. The phys will be smashed, and the POC passed!

    Best of luck to anyone else applying
  2. hudson96

    hudson96 New Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    wow! the lads that passed must have been machines! :P good read mate.
  3. louisgergaud

    louisgergaud New Member

    Sep 20, 2012
    POC-11th-13th July

    Hi Alan,

    For the lecturette is everyone given the same topic or must you come with a topic prepared-is it to give information about yourself-or a story?

    What is the essay like? and interview?

    Just trying to get a feel for it. Thinking about going to my local AFCO soon.

    Any advice etc would be much appreciated.
  4. DhobiWanKenobi

    DhobiWanKenobi Royal Marines Commando

    Jan 5, 2011

    The lecturette topic is you, so prepare a 3 minute talk beforehand where you talk about a particular event or an extracurricular overview of your life. You need to practice this so you can stand up and deliver the lecturette confidently and within the time limit.

    The essay is straight forward - choice of 5 topics to choose from (current and military affairs topics) and a limit of 2 sides of A4. This is also something you can and should practice before attending POC.

    I found the interview to be a shorter version of the SIFT interview. I was asked about myself and the corps in general.
  5. dannyditch

    dannyditch New Member

    Jan 26, 2012
    Do you not do the 1.5 out then 1.5 best effort on the monday?
  6. jg332

    jg332 New Member

    May 13, 2009
    Hi mates

    sorry for the bump, I was also wondering about the 1.5m best effort? Did you not do this on your POC?
  7. DhobiWanKenobi

    DhobiWanKenobi Royal Marines Commando

    Jan 5, 2011
    That has only recently been added to the course.