POC interview

Sep 4, 2008
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I managed to pass my Sift interview, thanks for all you advice and help. I am just waiting upon my date for my POC. I am wondering about the interview, is it going to be conducted similar to that of the SIFT interview, in regards to the knowledge side of things?
I dont really know what to expect, so any adivce is greatly appreciated.
Regards HCR


I wouldn't think it would be so thorough. I'd imagine it would be more focused on you. But then what do I know?

How did your interview go? Any tricky questions? I've got mine coming up soon-ish.


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May 3, 2008
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Yeah interview is pretty similar to sift interview in its structure.

Be confident talking about yourself, also have a good reason for wanting to join. For example, I made the cringeworthy point about the RM being the best in the world, and he saw straight through it and said "OK that's the cliche answer out of the way, now why do you want to join?" so I had to laugh and ended up just being honest - that originally I wanted to join the police, then started reading a few things and thought why not go a few steps further! So basically just be honest and confident about your motivations.

On the knowledge side of things, you will need to know a few things that you might not have expected. For example, the name of the First Sea Lord (Admiral Sir Jonathan Band), also brush up on your knowledge about the assault ships, what a typical naval task force might consist of, any new technologies being used in the field or being developed (for example the hot topic on my first POC was the Bowman radio system, or the life-saving Viking vehicle). Just show you're up to speed with current knowledge and interested in future developments and you'll be fine. But above all be confident and personable, it goes a long way! And of course, don't guess, or try to show knowledge where you have none. I did this at one point, and again, the officer interviewing me saw straight through it and effectively told me not to be so stupid. Much better to say "I don't know" and hope for an easier next question!

That's just my two cents anyway, hope it helps focus things, and good luck.