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I thinks this is brilliant, and makes me want to become a royal marine that much more:

A word in the house, a stroke of a pen
The country disbanded a fine body of men
With fighting finesse and fitness supreme
The creme de la creme wore berets of Green.

Their training was tough, it had to be so
How to fight with a knife and kill with one blow
Salerno, Vaagso, Dieppe and St Nazaire
With impossible odds the Commando's were there.

Their raids so successful that once Hitler said
"If captured no prisoners I want these men dead"
To late he discovered his men were not keen
To battle with these Men who wore berets of Green.

On D-Day at Sword beach they were there to the fore
As they jumped from the landing craft and made for the shore
Their contempt for the Nazi's could easily be seen
For they wore not steel helmets but berets of Green.

When it was all over and the fighting no more
The first that was disbanded was the Green beret Corp's
Who went back to their Shires, their Towns and their Glens
A real fine body of gentle self disciplined men.

As the years roll on by they still meet it is said
To talk, toast the Queen and remember their dead
Whose memorial stands at the foot of the Ben
Where they fought for the right to be Green Beret men.

For our freedom of movement our freedom of speech
To those who come after, this gospel I preach
A word in the house a stroke of the pen these cannot wipe out
The debt to those brave Green Beret men.


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Feb 5, 2008
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christ i just got goosebumps reading that.. i had that kinda chill run all over my body the entire time i was reading it *text deleted*.
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