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Oct 14, 2007
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has any one been to point-du-hoc or omaha beach in france??

just want to know your thought on it, as we get to go there in RT i think.

when i went last year i thought it was a excellent place to visit it was so interesting, especially going into the bunkers... they were dark so i popped the NV on the handy cam to on, to see !!

imagining what it would of been like to be in that place at war. truly overwhelming.

so post here if you have been.

if not go !! its well worth it.


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Mar 23, 2008
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I was in France a couple of months ago with a bunch of mates staying in on of their parent's holiday homes. Big house, big garden, lots of cheap booze... Perfect holiday.

But we did take a break from the drinking to go all around the various sights. Pegasus Bridge, Pointe Du Hoc, all five beaches, and the British, German and American cemetries.

The American Cemetry at Omaha beach got to me the most, I think. Walking through row after row of crosses and stars of david untill you come to a wall at the edge of the high cliffs. You look down the steep cliffs to a sunny, perfect sandy beach... The peace and silence of the place, with the waves breaking quietly in the distance. It's heart-breaking and an awesome memorial.

Pegasus Bridge really got to me too. There's a quote in the Museum there from one of the glider troops who took the bridge. It goes something like, "I got out of the glider and made my way over to the OC. He told me to go and reinforce 2nd Company. With my eight men, we made a fifteen strong company..."