Potential Officer Visits 2018


Jul 10, 2007
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Potential Officer Visits (POV) 2018

Those aged 16+, contemplating joining as a Royal Marines Officer, if interested in finding out more, should ask their local Area Careers Liaison Officer at the Initial Officer Careers Interview, once they have passed the Recruiting Test and their application is under way.

· All Candidates attending a POV are required to complete Indemnity Forms. Candidates advised to purchase additional personal liability insurance to cover other eventualities, ie injury or loss of, or damage to property, which is not attributable to the MOD

· All U18 Candidates attending a POV are required to have Parental Consent Forms completed

· RMO Look@Life RM Other Ranks X 3 in 2018 – 24 places for Aged 16+ - bookings via colleges

· Candidate’s food & accommodation will be funded by the service

Dates are as follows:

POV(RM) – Various CDO Units (20 Places available)

22-26 Jan 18 42 Cdo
30 Apr-4 May 18 43 Cdo
Sep 18 40 Cdo (dates to be confirmed)
26-30 Nov 18 45 Cdo

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