Prior Service Check


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Feb 23, 2014
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Hi all.

I've just spoken to my local RN AFCO and they said as a re-joiner they would have a look at my service records. My service history in the Army is thus-

Army Reserve 12 months - Good reports throughout, got on with all who I worked with etc.

Regular Army (Paras) 3 weeks - Reports are average and that I failed to get on with people and basically kept myself to myself and it stated that I wished to leave and rejoin the TA (which is/was true. It's the RMR actually, the Army apparently think that's the same thing...) Anyway I also had a section commanders warning (for having a bad locker layout).

My reason for leaving was 'Unhapp Soldier' and I was RFAS (Released From Army Service) so will this all count against me? Or if I explain the reason, I didn't want to be in the Paras and the Marines (RMR/RMC can't decide yet) were my first choice) were my first choice.