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    PRMC 17-008 (13 June - 16 June 2017)

    Total Number 15

    Pull-up Fails 1
    VO2 Fails 1
    Confidence Test Fail 1
    WAOR Bottom Field 2
    WBOC Endurance Course 1

    Total fails6

    Pass rate 60.00%

    The course achieved the following grades:

    0 Candidates achieved a grade A pass.
    6 Candidates achieved a grade B pass.
    3 Candidates achieved a grade C pass.

    There were 5 candidates on their second attempt and two passed. One candidate came off the Bottom Field for the second time, another candidate previously failed on the VO2 but then failed on the Confidence test this week. The third candidate at his second attempt, came off his first PRMC because he failed on pull-ups, then was WBOC on the Endurance course.

    There was one candidate who scored lower than level 10.5 on VO2 Max Test who subsequently failed the course. The lowest VO2 score was 9.4 and the highest was 12.8

    The next course loading stands at 18 candidates. This will be PRMC Course 17-009 (20-23 June 2017).
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