PRMC 7th to 10th November Diary


May 17, 2017
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The first evening you arrive at CTC, it's all fairly relaxed. However, be under no illusions as to what's ahead of you in the days to come.

You fill in a quick form, find out your room and bib number, go grab a pair of boots you will wear on the Endurance Course... More to come on that later!

Then you get changed into PT kit, polish them and get to have some time just chatting to the other lads on the course. Use this time to calm any nerves for the next day and get to know as many lads as possible.

First morning, You're up for 5:30 (Get up earlier if you want to) and go through the usual wash routine and get changed into your smart clothes ready to head to the gally for breakfast at 6:00.

Then after this you have a short amount of time back at your room before changing into combats and having a practise go at drill on the drill square.

There were moments like when the Corporal made everyone laugh hard when he commented on the different styles of marching he has seen from recruits. On the whole a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You return from drill and are immediately informed the PRMC starts right now. In that very moment, you will feel the hairs on your neck stand up and if you don't, they should be and will be standing up on Bottom Field (more on that later!)

Next comes a brief on the PRMC and how the points are scored. It's made very clear here everything is your absolute max effort.

Then very shortly after, you keep your combat trousers on, and change into running gear, before marching to the start for the bft.

The first run out is simple enough, the 1.5 miles in 12:30 Then less than two minutes recovery and you're off for the best effort run back to the start. I found the best way to train for this was by doing fartlek training. I would do 1 minute slow, 1 minute fast for 20 minutes gradually building to 40 minutes. I ran a pb in 8:33 and secured 4 points.

In the afternoon you have your lunch and then before you know it a couple hours later it's the RMFA (gym tests). The best tip I can give you is, no matter how itchy or uncomfortable it gets, don't scratch or fidget or yawn in the gym and that includes waiting outside to go in.

You know what's expected here, just give it your max effort on all the assessments. I got 12.3 on the bleep test, 41 Press ups,85 sit ups and 6 Pull ups. You should have prepared yourself well to get enough points in the gym. If not, you're going home.

Next is the swim assessment. My advice here lads when you get on the diving board, try not to look down and when he says go, don't hesitate just go feet first and you will be fine.

If you are a weak swimmer before attending PRMC, make sure you highlight it in your training and improve, because if you can't do the full 2 lengths of breastroke then it's just embarrassing, especially as the Royal Marines are amphibious.

Then they are looking to gauge your confidence in the water. Dive down without thinking about it, just keep going and grab the brick and bring it back up. Slightly later in the next couple hours you have a weapons acquaint and then happy days, day 1 is done.

If you thought that was easy, you're very wrong. Welcome to day 2. Bottom Field and the Endurance Course


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Apr 2, 2017
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Congratulations, it looks like you got some very decent points there. What training did you do for the bleep test? As it’s something I can’t really think of how to train for. At the moment I’m doing moderate intensity (8.7 mph) runs and just increasing the distance each time, reckon it will improve my endurance


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Jun 20, 2017
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What training did you do for the bleep test? As it’s something I can’t really think of how to train for.

Sounds crazy I know, but how about doing the bleep test haha? In all seriousness though, I've increased my score by about 2 whole levels by practising the test at home weekly to every other week. Managed to get up to almost 13 now, so I would definitely recommend.

Congrats on the pass @mizuno24 - Good luck with RT.
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