PRMC charity event in aid of the RM Charity.


Donna Jordan

Email said:
Dear Sirs. We are running a charity event based around the PRMC on Saturday June the 30th near Bristol. All funds go to the Royal Marines Charity and we have Royal Marines from CTCRM and RMR Bristol in attendance answering questions. It would be a good chance to have a bash at elements of the PRMC without the pressure of Lympstone. It's been flyered around all the careers offices in the UK. Is this something you would be happy to promote for us?

On Saturday 30th June PILOT Royal Marines bootcamp event at the Nailsea & Backwell Rugby Club on Saturday the 30th June 2018. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Royal Marines Charity.

Teams will go head to head over 5 stations. The stations will follow the training and ethos of the Royal Marines and we would like to open up this event to anyone who would like to have a bash at it. We won't kill you - it is just a bit of fun! You can enter as a team (maximum of 6) or if you're desperate to have a go but can't get anyone to join you, then don't worry ..... sign up individually and we will make up teams on the day.


Find out more information through the Bootcamp Challenge website: or by calling 07905 362343
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