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PRMC(R) RMR London/Bristol 20-22 April

Discussion in 'PRMC Diaries' started by thegingerone, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. thegingerone

    thegingerone Royal Marines Commando

    Aug 2, 2017
    Delighted to be finally writing this and even happier to say I've come home with a pass. I've learnt a lot from reading these diaries, which definitely played a big part in helping me to prepare for the real thing. Thought I'd get a good write up in to help others.

    12 lads, 4 from London including myself. Perfect weather and a brilliant weekend had by all.


    Arrived at CTC with the rest of the London lads around 7pm, where we were shown to our accommodation, given kit for the weekend and told our detail for the next day. A big meal, then back to the grots for ironing and cleaning of our boots. We didn't end up going to bed till 1am and I doubt many people slept due to nerves. I probably got about 2 hours in total.


    Wake up 5:15am, cold shower and into smart clothing for breakfast. Go nutritious: eggs, porridge, coffee for the hit. I was a bag of nerves so was force-feeding myself at this point. Nice warmup, followed by the 3 miler. I came in 3rd but don't know my exact time yet — possibly around 8:30 mark. Next up, more showers followed by interviews. Very straightforward, learn your corps knowledge and think about why you want to join. Light lunch (listen to your body) then its on to the gym tests. When you get into that gym there is only 1 boss, so just nod and accept...PTIs are very strict on form and technique and I almost got binned for going before the beep on the press ups. Beep test (slippy floor perhaps squash shoes would be good for this), push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups (I found the bar absolutely fine). My stats had been better in training but they count for nothing if your form isn't great (definitely watch the Youtube demonstrations)

    Beep test - 12.7, press ups - 60, sit ups - 62, pull ups 12

    On to bottom field. Big warmup, sprints, crawls, dunk in the tank (very refreshing I found). Then hill sprints, more crawls, drags and carries. It pays to be a winner here boys: your rewarded with more time to rest, whilst you wait for the others to complete so get yourself as fit as possible and your life will be easier. Next up: high obstacle course. I am terrified of heights so I was absolutely bricking myself at the thought of this. Somehow, when your with the other lads and PTIs are barking at you, the fear of looking like a mug becomes more important than the fear of heights. Ironically, this part was one of my favourites of the whole weekend. On successful completion of this, its on to the assault course. Great fun — don't forget to land on two feet! Lost a couple of lads here. Next up was the swim test. Fairly straightforward, pick up the brick. Not difficult but do not underestimate — I practiced this before so I had confidence to go for it. Once thats done, showers and a big dinner feeling happy and enjoying the experience. Lots of stretching before hitting the pillow and sleeping like a baby.


    7am wakeup. Nerves are back! Cold showers, breakfast and back into wet kit. Then its off to the endurance course. I absolutely loved this. Up and down running in beautiful surroundings, tunnels (ouch knees hurt), crawls, sheep dip and peters pool. It all goes pretty quickly at this point. Quick sip of water, then were into the final stretch: the speed march. Don't underestimate this: lost a couple lads here who just didn't have the stamina, so stick at your running. 4 miles later, its over! Clean the barracks, get your results and your off. Hoofin weekend.

    • Bring a pillow. For the PRMC(R) your expected to bring your own sleeping kit. The beds are not the most comfortable so do whatever you can to make that experience as easy as possible.
    • Eat what your body wants. Everyone kept saying go big go big. Load up in the evenings, but before exercise stick to your normal routine. Last thing you want is to be carrying a load of extra baggage.
    • Train specific. About 6 weeks before I ditched the bench press and started practicing press ups, sit ups and pull-ups everyday. My stats shot up in that time. The more specific you train, the easier the course will be and the more you will enjoy it.
    • Sports underwear — you don't want a wedgie or chaffing so get some good base-layer shorts.
    • Bring insoles — helps to make the boots a little more comfortable.
    • Stretch, roll and stretch some more.
    • Enjoy it — the weekend is tough but its also a lot of fun. Nice scenery, great banter and a bit of muddy phys!
    Don't think I can quite capture everything in a single post but feel free to ask any questions!
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  2. ERFC

    ERFC Royal Marines Commando

    Nov 17, 2014
    Congratulations - first hurdle complete now the fun starts. ;)

    Really interesting read aswell as I wasn’t up to speed with how PRMC(R) was conducted and whether any detachments utilised lympstones facilities. Am I right in saying detachments further North conduct PRMC(R) up in their local area?
  3. thegingerone

    thegingerone Royal Marines Commando

    Aug 2, 2017
    Thanks! I believe RMR Scotland do theirs in Rosyth. Not sure about Merseyside
  4. Jones86

    Jones86 Member

    Aug 2, 2018
    App Stage:
    Passed PRMC
    Well done mate. Merseyside do PRMRC at Swynnerton!