prmc requirements



what do you actually need to get to pass press ups sit ups mile and half etc
*text deleted* i can do abouuut
2mins press ups -65
2mins sit ups- 60
mile and half- 8. 50
bleep test level 12

is tht good enough thnx


Jul 10, 2007
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You certainly seem to be well on course toward being ready to undertake PRMC & the figures look good on the face of it, assuming you are doing close-arm press-ups, knees together sit-ups and back-handed pull-ups.

The issue is whether you can complete each element in relatively quick succession. A good way of testing this is to attend a Royal Marines acquaint day (RMAD) if there's one local to you.

You need to be able to comfortably complete a 3 mile run in under 22.5 mins prior to undertaking the bleep test (VO2 Max), sit-ups, press-ups, pull-ups followed by a 50mtr swim.

The advice would be to layer your exercises & increase the distance of your runs to 3 miles up to 5 at the same pace, around 3 times per week for at least another 4 weeks to be absolutely certain you are OK at the longer distance. But as initially stated, you look fairly good on the face of it.

Good luck.
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