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Oct 11, 2016
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Feels good to finally be writting one of these rather than reading them!

Arrived at CTCRM from Bristol Det just in time for 9oclockers. Food was good! Mood in the grots was good, good bit if banter between the lads.

Early start, showers were bloody cold, just get it done and get outside ready for breakfast. (Lost one lad here due to sickness, mostly though I think nerves got the better of him). First up is BFT after a short warm-up. Nothing to worry about here lads if you are making times already. Everyone felt they did way better than they normally do (possibly accuracy of running apps is lacking).

Next up was RMFA. PTIs' are all about barking at you and expect discipline so just do what they say and your fine. I didnt know what to expect with bleep test because I didn't practice for it but I got a strong score anyway. Gym floor is nowhere near as bad as people say. The rest of the tests were no problem, but the PTI's are strict about good form. Pullups they let us wipe our hands before hand. (Lost another one here, he only managed 2 pullups.)

After lunch was interviews. Nothing to stress about, they just want to check you have a good attitude and know what your getting into. After that its down to bottom field. No punch in the net, just a few runs of the high obstacle course which is basically a set of ropes at different heights you have to crawl across. I came off on the very heighest one and they had to pull a rope over for me to get down (a little embarrasing but just keep your chin up and crack on.) After that we went through the usual drill. They demo a few obstacles then get you to do them. After that theres a timed run through. My legs were feeling pretty heavy by then but just keep going. Also take your time. One lad came off on the ropes twice and it seriously affected him time as youd expect.

After the course is done they get you doing drags up a hill. They want to see a bit of grit so at no time do you want to stop pushing. One lad was sick at this stage. After about 6 or 7 different drags we did a team exercise with some massive logs. Was a hangout, arms were knackered. Just keep going. Def pays to be a shorter guy here.

After bottom field its swim test. Not much to say here, 5 mins in the pool and done. Off to dinner! ...and then 9ocklockers.

Next morning i was feeling real positive. Back of the weekend broken and looking forward to endurance course (one lad crashed out almost immediately when we started warming up). Was a nice day for it, sunny and mild. PTI ran us through the course, explaining each stage as we went. Smarty tubes are nothing to worry about, just a bit painful on the knees (another one where the shorter guys have an advantage). Peters pool is fine, just get in there and dont let the cold get to you (take deep breaths to calm down if you need to). Sheep dip is no problem, your oppos do the work for you. The rest of it just keep running and let them see you at the front, guys at the back get a worse time of it overall. After the course was over we had a best effort for about a mile and a half back to the van which was a real effort. We all thought we were home free after that but we had to speed march back to CTC. One lad really struggled when we hit 'heartbreak lane' but heml made it through by the skin of his teeth with the minibus up his ass and and earfull of it from the pti (lost one lad on near the end of endurance course, he was consistently at the back).

12 showed but only 5 made it. All in all it was a good weekend. Cant wait to get back down there. Train hard lads, make sure you hit you targets and you will be fine!
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