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PRMCR - Pass

Discussion in 'PRMC Diaries' started by splinter, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. splinter

    splinter New Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    App Stage:
    Passed PRMC
    Thought I would write a diary to add something back to this forum I have used for a few years.

    First day
    3 miler, nice and early- return 9.28
    Swim test next - I can swim but underestimated the dive, which I had to do twice because just couldn’t grab the brick first time!
    Afternoon was bottom field. From the score I got I worked out I got 1 point here. Had a nightmare from the start. Came short on the tank trap because as soon as I took of I could feel cramp set in. Luckily I could keep going but the bad luck didn’t end there. Lost my boot on the wobbly bridge so had to put that back on and tie it up.

    Second day
    Started really early with the gym tests.
    11.7 bleep
    45 press-ups
    75 sit ups
    6 pull ups - was hoping for about 10 but couldn’t grip the bar at all and the bar was to low so my feet touched the floor every time I went down. Was trying to keep good form as well.

    Then straight onto two laps of the endurance course which was hardest thing I have ever done!! I kept going though even with numerous punishments I was delt.

    With all the bruises I have. I really want to chop my little toe off little blister is really annoying.

    Didn’t have long to recover because I was back at work Monday, which is how the next 18 months will be like I guess.


    Also the food is really good even if it is pumped for of veg which I’m not a fan off. Naffi was great as well when lunch was ended early for some reason.
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  2. Chelonian

    Chelonian Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
    Nah... amputate above the knee and do the job properly. :)

    But seriously: top effort, well done for passing and thanks for taking time to post up your experience. Please keep the forum updated as RMR stuff is currently unrepresented.
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  3. Johnny_Anonie

    Johnny_Anonie Moderator

    Mar 17, 2019
    Good drills mate.