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    Can somebody please explain the process for re-enlistment? I've just voluntarily discharged myself from the Army Reserve and am looking at RMR.
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    Just apply online, remembering to declare your former service.

    Speak to your former AR unit and obtain a copy of your former service medical and service records.

    After submitting an application, your AFCO(RN) will contact you to request your former medical records, service history sheet and any appraisal reports. Once you produce the required documents, the AFCO will request approval to process your application. The decision takes about 6 to 8 weeks usually and as long as you have no significant financial issues, medical issues on your records, no pending court appearances, service disciplinary issues, unspent offences, etc., you should be OK.

    You'll be called in for test, interview and medical. Once the medical is passed you'll attest under your previous service number and join a holding troop pending your passing a three mile BFT in 22 mins, 30 secs and gaining full security clearance. The Recruit Training Troop for the RMR usually kicks-off in Oct-November, depending which unit you join and providing you successfully pass the RMR PRMC selection course held over a weekend, usually no later than Septemberish.

    RMR Recruit Training usually takes about 14 to 18 months to complete.

    Good luck.
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