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    So I received my medical questionnaire but I got 2 of them (it also had who has got the RT next week for some reason, must be a mix up) I filled one out which I give to the AFCO along with my eye test results on the day on my interview correct? I've just forgotten what I do with the second one I know I keep it but I forgotten why.
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    the second questionnaire is filled out and kept. When the triage nurse calls he/she will go through the whole questionnaire with you again. The questionnaire you keep is just for your records.
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    Yep, just to clarify, the questionnaire that has your AFCO location printed on the top right is the one you complete & return. The other questionnaire is for your records so that you remember what you have written when the triage nurse rings you.

    In the majority of cases most people will remember exactly what they wrote in any case.

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