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    Its a bit of a long post. So bear with me.

    I'm 19 years old. When I was 18 I had a bit of a breakdown infront of some police officers. A lot had happened that week and I was walking to clear my head. I guess I must've looked troubled because an old lady asked if I was ok. I didn't even acknowledge her, I looked at her and then walked on by. A few minutes later a police officer came and approached me. I remember he tried talking to me and I wouldn't respond. I had an angry look on my face, I guess that may have put him on high alert. Suddenly a few other officers came out of from behind and one touched me on the shoulder. I freaked out and aggressively tried to push him off and before I knew it I was pinned on the ground. I remember screaming to the top of my lungs. I was angry. They arrested me but instead of charging me with assault they sectioned me for 72 hours. I didn't know this was what they were doing until I was at the facility. They danced around the subject, and after all that had happened I just passively went along with it. I explained my story and after a few talks with one of the doctors there I was taken off the section after 24 hours.

    Someone close to me passed away. I didn't learn about it until nearly 6 months after they'd died when I went to visit and found out. I don't live with my mum and dad (she left when i was 3, came back when I was 8, then left again) so I lived with relatives a lot growing up. This person had always been there for me though, wherever I was I knew I could always come back. Always. And then I find out he's gone and not a single person even bothered to tell me. His daughter didn't even bother to let me know what had happened and she knew how close we were.

    At the same time my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me after admitting she was having an affair with my one of my friends (I knew they were close but I had literally no idea until she told me). I started uni that year as well and all of this seemed to happening at the same time. Things at home were pretty bad, my aunt had stopped speaking to me after we had a fight over something stupid and my grandparents were heartbroken that I'd decided to move out instead of studying at home and we'd grown distant.

    My motto in life was that I would always deal with my own problems. I felt alone all the time so I felt I was the only one I should rely on. I refused to talk to anyone about what was going on. I was angry. I wanted to shut everyone out of my life. Like I was a lone warrior fighting his own battles. That's how I go through everything ever since I was a child.

    I knew family couldn't help me. I guess I never thought that I could go to anyone else. After the incident I got myself sorted. I started seeing a counsellor every week, I got myself a job (done a few part time jobs)and am currently working. I'm also doing a volunteering job with the British Red Cross as an independent volunteer at the hospital. I'm in a much better place now then I was last year.

    Now my question is this. I'm about to do my medical. I know that this kind of incident could label me as unsuitable for entry so I went to my GP to ask about my medical records. Apparently none of this is on there. There is something about anxiety and depression but that's it.

    Its likely because I've recently transferred to a different GP and the system isn't updated with the rest of the info. I have a friend who is a doctor and he says the system is very inefficient and that it could take many months for it to update. I know I need to give consent to release my medical records but I don't know if they will only take it from this GP or if they will take them from this and the other GP I was at whilst living at uni as well.

    I don't want to lie on my form and omit my incident. But if this isn't on the system then I'm wondering if I can get away with it. Will they ask for all my medical records or will they simply look at that one?

    I know they will definitely ask about anxiety and depression. I could "attempt" to explain it away but if this can be looked into further then I don't want to be caught in that lie.

    Any advice (even if its advice I might not want to hear) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

    Here lies the crux.

    Any undisclosed pre-existing medical condition, regardless of mitigating circumstances, can be an outright bar to entry or can later result in in a disciplinary discharge for making a fraudulent application.

    Whilst it is appreciated there were unique circumstances surrounding the hospital order, the standards are there to protect and safeguard the individual and those who may be reliant on their fellow service person's integrity, trust and transperency.

    In the case of many mental health issues suchbas depression or anxiety, the service usually requires a manadatory symptom-free history prior to entry. Usually two or three years, in most cases.

    Be honest & upfront.
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    The advice by @Ninja_Stoker is definitive. Non-disclosure will only end in tears.

    It's not my place to advise you but reading your post I get a sense that there is some vagueness about incidents and clinical diagnosis.

    Integrity, full and honest disclosure are key. Arguably you can only do that once you have had access to your medical records so that you can determine the difference between what might be fact and what might only be your personal perception. Don't entirely rely on your memory; your medical records will accurately represent what happened.

    Consider deferring your medical until you have ascertained the facts. Perhaps make an appointment with your GP to explain why you need access to your medical records. This is not a requirement but it will give your GP some context and help him or her to interpret the content of your records for you.

    Unsurprisingly being Sectioned under the Mental Health Act is quite a big deal. It is perhaps implausible to think that such an entry would not appear within days on someone's medical records.

    Best of luck.

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