Roy Brown

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Mar 18, 2008
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Hey guys more questions for you *text deleted*. My first question is regarding sit-ups. So last night i done 3 sets of sit-ups 30-40-30 but i have a few problems regarding them. I done the sit-ups on my nice comfortable bed *text deleted* and i'm imagining they are tougher on the floor which i'm presuming is where you do them on PRMC? Also i done them pretty slowly which will have to be faster when timing them and i also noticed they are tougher depending on where your knees are for instance if i were to stretch my legs out further then my kness would be lower making it easier for me to put my elbows over my knees. So is there is a specific height your knees have to be at or something? Also my other question is about running. I'm into my 3rd week of training and can currently run around 2 and a bit miles as i start running about 30 seconds before the 2 mile route starts. I'm doing it at what i would consider a decent pace and was worried i may injure myself. As it happens i don't feel real pain just my heart about to explode out my chest and tiredness. Is this good that my heart rate is sky high. I was presuming it is. Cheers guys.
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