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    *sorry if I this has already been shared on another thread. I thought I would share as it has worked wonders for me and a mate who is joining another force* just how I do the gym test excersises. The number in brackets at the end of each section is my personal gains in 3/4 weeks doing it to standard non exaggerated form.

    -exaggerated form and range of motion
    -thinking about the muscle used

    Press up: keep elbows actually touching your sides, imagine holding a £50 note inbetween your body and arm and if you drop it you lose it haha. Think to Press the floor down squeezing the triceps throughout the entire rep and a big squeeze even when locked out, keeping that core fully engaged from start to finish (good way to ensure this, press tongue to roof of mouth and squeeze glutes, weird but works). This is 1 quality and exaggerated rep, which will reality check you as it's harder, but = good strength and form gains. (In theory making the less exaggerated reps easier to perform by a mile.) (+15)

    Pull up: once on the bar hanging dead, arms fully extended, hands shoulder width apart, same core tension again, tongue on roof of mouth and squeeze glutes if it helps and point your toes to the floor to avoid much leg movement, that's your start point. On the bleep, can't stress this part enough, explosively get yourself up to the bar. This is the pull up, exaggerate by engaging them lats really hard, think of forcing the lats in the direction of the bar and when at the top during the pause squeeze them as if you genuinely wanted cramp, interms of bar clearance best case would be chest parallel with the bar, chin 2/3 inches clear. Gently lower down under control, but do this by gradually tensing the lats less and less, so they are doing the eccentric work, instead of just dropping down to extension. When at the bottom make a point of being fully extended by locking out your elbows. (+5)

    Sit-up: again imagine a £50 pinched inbetween your knees, don't drop it! For the test a 90 degree angle in the knees is good, obv eyeball this don't get your protractor out in the gym, not a cool look. Make sure at the start of each rep, your head shoulders and elbows are flat on the floor, exaggerate by pushing into the matt when at the bottom, gently get to this at the end of each rep, don't go smashing your head into a gym floor. If you can do the sit ups without your feet hinged do it, otherwise work to this point by gradually weighing your feet down with smaller and smaller weights over the course of a month or 2. And when you do the sit up, keep them elbows tight together and you want to squeeze your core as much as possible, again like you want cramp, and then reach your knees and go further trying to clear them by as much as possible.(+20)

    There we go, short and sweet just like I said -yawn-
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    Bump because this was a great read.

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