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    Dec 2, 2016
    Right guys, i have recently been diagnosed with FAI which is a hip condition (hip impingement). Which means bony abnormalities on the femoral head and 2 labrum tears to go along with it. What i need to know is, is the issue itself a bar to entry, and is the surgery to rectify the problem also a bar. I can't find any info online, for example an acl recon is listed as a bar to entry, nothings mentioned of this condition but it will still be a big problem... i rang the navy and they said if its not on the list it will be assessed case by case on the day of the medical. I'm aware knee surgery for example you can proceed with your application after 12 months, but even though this procedure is keyhole its a more serious procedure. if anyone has any info at all or anyone serving that can speak to doctor within the marines it would be greatly appreciated. its worth mentioning that the surgeon said he would have no issue with me doing any physical activity after the procedure but i know the afco medical doctor would have the final say..
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    The medical standards for entry are hosted in Section Four of this document, hosted on ARRSE;

    The relevant bits are in Annex K, paragraph 50 onward.

    In order to get definitive advice from the Service Entry Medical Cell (SEMC), you need to have actually applied to join the service with an active application underway, by the book.

    Logically, it makes absolute sense for someone to know from the outset, so it maybe worth getting copies of all the medical history of the condition upfront and sending them with a covering letter to your AFCO requesting a review by SEMC to advise on future potential medical fitness to join the Royal Marines.

    You letter only need be brief and polite, something like;

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please find enclosed a copy of my medical history relating to an ongoing medical condition.

    I write to request this letter and my medical notes are forwarded to the Service Entry Medical Cell for review and advice as to whether or not the condition or corrective surgery would be a bar (or delay) to entry, once fully rehabilitated. In the event corrective surgery or the condition itself is a bar to entry, could you please advise how best I could in future potentially meet the medical entry standard?

    Yours sincerely

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