Referral on referral.


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Jun 20, 2010
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Basically, I started my application process back in 2010 where I flew through the joining process nailing everything first time, except PRMC. I attended my first attempt at PRMC in January 2011 where I stupidly opted out (thinking back now, I haven't a clue why as I know I was capable of passing, doh!) Obviously because of my opting out I was handed a 9 month referral which I served.

After waiting 9 months and contacting my AFCO I was called back in to re-do my medical and speak with a career advisor who gave me another referral, only this time 12 month *heartbreaking* at this point my life literally crashed down! I dropped out of college to focus on the marines, I do work but at the moment is literally a disgrace with business!

Too the point, I'm literally at breaking point with having to wait, I'm so fed up now. My question is - is there nothing to can do to persuade my career advisor to let me continue my application...this time I know I'm ready!

Feedback is as always, most welcome.