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Apr 19, 2018
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so here goes and I'm sure this has been covered before but I'm very confused I was given a rt date, I then checked the paperwork that needed filling in and it ask if ou have any outstanding ccjs, I've spoken to a career advisor who told me it's an automatic no, I then asked if sorted my debts into a Iva or repayment plan and had proof I could manage it would it be exceptable is this till the case, I realise this is my own fault due to been self employed and failed business but I've got my life under control and made a fresh start, I'm very passionate about joining the RM, is there anyone with advice that could help


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Jun 9, 2015
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An IVA is accepted. But the CCJ would have to be removed against your name which I think maybe too late. A CCJ is a judgement made at court an IVA is an arrangement made before it gets to court.


Aug 10, 2010
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...and it ask if ou have any outstanding ccjs, I've spoken to a career advisor who told me it's an automatic no,

Firstly, I'm not qualified to advise you on what the service requires of anyone to formally resolve a CCJ.
But take a look at the UK government advice about CCJs generally:

It might help you to know if the service regards the matter as being resolved if the judgment is marked as 'satisfied' in the register. @CHUB! or @Ninja_Stoker might know.

Once you know what you need to do to meet service criteria I'd suggest that you contact Citizens Advice to discuss the best way of achieving a solution. Citizens Advice might also be able to assist you in negotiation with the parties the CCJ was awarded in favour of.

I'd strongly advise against entering into any agreement with a commercial debt resolution company until you have first taken advice from Citizens Advice:

Hope this helps. Best of luck.


Jul 10, 2007
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As stated, regardless of circumstances a CCJ is a final resort to recover unpaid debts after several attempts to come to a repayment agreement. Again as stated above IVA's are intended to prevent CCJs, rather than remedy.

Entering into an IVA or repayment plan with a third party after receiving a CCJ may not be the cheapest route to address the issues but in any event, anyone receiving a CCJ must produce a certificate of satisfaction from the creditor to indicate the debt is now being addressed in an acceptable, reliable manner.

If the creditor is willing to issue a certificate of satisfaction before the debt is recovered (some may not) then SC can usually progress, assuming you are not bankrupt or there are other CCJs or defaults.

The service is particularly wary of financial irresponsibility prior to entry or during service due to the fact it can lead to a raft of issues which, for those serving, can lead to discharge.

The tip with debts is to adress them, communicate directly with creditors rather than intermediaries who make a profit out of misery and not to ignore the lender.

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