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Jan 27, 2008
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alright lads, just wandering after being in the regs and time has come to leave and you decide to join the rmr would your rank (if you hold any) transfer with you, or would you lose it?

Also say you have left the marines already and then 6 months-1 year or so down the line you decide to join rmr what would then be the process involved for this? As you are already a trained commando would it simply be a selection weekend to test your fitness hasn't lapsed?



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Mar 6, 2007
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Yeah, you would keep your rank. The were loads of ex regs at my old unit who had left the regs and joined the RMR (within a couple of years of leaving). However, I'm not sure if this would still be the case if you left the regs and didn't join the RMR for say 10 years ???

I'm not sure regards the admin side of things. Ref fitness tests, as far as I know you wouldn't have to pass a selection test (unless things have changed recently). You would simply have to pass the BFT and CFT when the rest of the unit do theirs. Obviously most ex's will test your fitness anyway. Again, maybe things will be different if there is a long period between leaving the regs and joining the RMR.

I'm sure Ninja will be able confirm / disconfirm the above.



Nov 8, 2008
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i`m doing exactly what you talk about above, i passed out of training i`n 97, and have to do all the selection proccess again for the Rmr....


Jul 10, 2007
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In most cases if you leave the regular RM as a fully trained commando, you can join the RMR directly as long as you do so within 12 months of leaving the Corps. In these instances, the AFCO are only involved inasmuch as they check your reason for discharge from the Corps was not on medical or disciplinary grounds.

The RMR are extremely happy to recruit trained RM's directly & would normally expect you to complete a BFT & CFT upon rejoining to re-affirm your ability to continue serving. A trained RM Commando who left the Corps voluntarily is generally welcomed back with open arms. All trained ex-RMs should seriously consider this option.

If you didn't complete Commando training then obviously you need to start everything again- providing the regular RM has recommended you for further service. Be aware that many people who were discharged untrained, medically or on disciplinary grounds frequently try to join the RMR only to be turned away.

If you were are trained RM and have been out of the Corps for a long time, you can expect to be interviewed, complete the medical examination, complete the PJFT, re-apply for security clearance & to undergo certain elements of refresher training together with completing BFT & CFT before being re-employed on the trained strength.
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