Regular RM then transfer to RMR?


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Dec 12, 2017
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Hello all.

I am currently studying Electrical Engineering at University and I am interested in joining the military as an officer after I graduate. As I'm studying EE, it's what I want pursue as a career after I've done my time in the military.

I'm stuck between the REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) and Royal Marines.

As a REME Officer I'll be able to learn valuable engineering and management skills which will help me with my engineering career after the military.

However, the Royal Marines seems to be what I'm looking for, a more 'traditional' military experience with fitness/hands-on experiences/not a desk job. Not to mention the exceptional leadership skills I would develop.

I have a question that might make this decision much easier. Would I be able to join the regular RM as an officer for say, 4-5 years, then move to the RMR so I can start my engineering career while still being a part of the RM?

Cheers lads.