rest days help!

lukey boy 91

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Jul 8, 2008
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the last week i realy gave it everything in pull ups and press ups, i dont no why i just realy want to get more fitter but i useally have 1 rest day on a tuesday and 1 on a saturday and after my rest day on the saturday i woke up sunday still in abit of pain mainly in my shoulders and this stopped me from doing pull ups and press ups.
i did as many as i could anyway along with my running and sit ups that i do and it realy hurt so now im just goin to have 2 days straight rest without doing anything to try and repare my muscles will i loose some of my fitness in these 2 days or when will they repare and will i be able to do more press ups and pull ups when ive had my 2 days rest
also is this any diffrent than having 2 days rest split up?:smile::smile::smile::smile:


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Jun 10, 2008
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Use the two days to repair, if you have trouble and are in pain doing more exercise, always rest other wise you will cause yourself injury
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