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Aug 16, 2008
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alright lads,

I am new to this forum. I am currently at university and still have 2 years left. This will make me 24 by the time i finish as i am 22 now. I have always wanted to be join the royal marines however i wanted to go to uni and travel etc before doing so. Anyway despite being at uni, my a-levels are not up to standard to go for officer, i was told that my uni degree would not compensate for my lack of ucas points so when i went down to the navy office, they sugested joining the rmr and said i could go for officer once i passed that. Is it a good idea to join the rmr?
I do consider myself as a fit person, i would just want to know specifically what training is best to do to prepare for this? i have read the training reigemes on the official rm site but after coming on here i am a bit confused as ive read all sorts of different ways to train. Anyway thanks for reading the essay any replys would be much appriciated (regarding my situation or questions asked)
Finally being a uni student socialising and drinking is a large part, how do u lot balance your training and drinking?

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