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Aug 14, 2007
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So here is my account of the selection weekend for London RMR. You shouldn’t forget that all RMR units will do things differently so this should be used as a guide of what to expect!


Met at the Det and got a minibus into London HQ where we’d be doing the assessments. We set off late and got there about 9pm, tonight would only be Admin so that wasn’t much of an issue. We were the 3rd Det to turn up with Portsmouth being the last. Admin pretty much took us up to 12, by which time London RMR had already filled in everything and got all the best mats to sleep on in the gym….Grrr. Admin is straight forward, although make sure you have all the info they ask you to bring otherwise its just a massive hassle for you and them that weekend and after – you should get a list of stuff you need to take!


Saturday morning started at 6am with breakfast, showers normal personal admin and then we got lined up in the gym and split into three sections. These we’d remain in these for the rest of the weekend. First up was a rotation of either the RMFA, Ranks and badges or weapons acquaintance.

First up for me was R&B’s, this was pretty boring but needed to be done. We also played Kim’s Game and had a Q&A session with a corporal that had just left the Regs. After this we had our RMFA. Warm up was reasonable, certainly broke a sweat but I wasn’t dead. Got into pairs and started with

Situps - Max 85 – 2mins
Pushups – Max 60 – 1min (I think)
Burpees – Max 40 – 1min
Pull-ups Max 18 – no time limit.

Then we did a 300m sprint outside, which we should aim to do in 50s or less.

After that it was shower and on with weapons acquaintance which was pretty good, got to see some cool stuff etc. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon it was more rotations between unarmed combat, bleep test and gym induction. We had unarmed combat first, this was excellent and the guy giving it was a little scary, to say the least. Next was the gym induction….just like a normal gym but if we’re successful we’re able to use it for free whenever we like which is pretty cool.

Bleep test, pretty much what it says on the tin, in a separate hall from the building, 20m and some bleeps, Min target was level 11. Once the bleep test was over it was back to the gym for some circuits, one station was rope work. Another was weights and another was a team exercise for getting stuff from one side to the other (don’t touch the ground etc). This lasted about 40 mins. Then it was time for dinner, another lecture or two and then bed. Although the rugby was on so we got to watch it and beer was on offer. I went no where near it, but some of the lads did…god knows how!

Sunday (the one I wasn’t looking forward to!)

Up at 5.00 for a 5.30 breakfast and then to the public swimming baths for 7am and the swim test. Two lengths without touching the sides or bottom and then tread water for 2 minutes before getting out unassisted. Then it was on length best effort any stroke and then we had to try for one length under water (WTF!!). I feel the last two were used to fill time but certainly knackered us some more!

Then it was to a park for the 3 miler etc. We ran to the park and did a warm up, after the swim I was already pretty knackered and struggled a bit. Then we ran the first 1.5 miles in 15 minutes which I thought was strange but then got told we had to complete the next 1.5 in 10 minutes! Not sure if this is correct and it changed or what! The run was knackering as expected, there were some racing snakes there and I have to admit about 90% of the guys got below 10 mins with probably 20 % of that getting below 9mins.

Then it was the determination test, basically a 30 minute 'extra phys', lots of running, sprinting, pushups, sit-ups etc. Then we went to collect our towels from the support minibus in the park and ran back to the unit (another mile at least!) then it was straight in the gym (no stopping movement) to set up another circuit. This one a confidence one. First exercise was just to tire us, leopard crawl around mats followed by 20x pushups, 20x squat thrusts and 20x sit-ups then start again. Second was a vault over a full height box with legs going between the arms and the third was similar but we had to vault the box length ways with legs going around the side! That again lasted 40 mins with no stopping. This was all done in rotation with about 10mins on each.

Then it was shower, clean up the lines etc and stand by for results. Out of the 46 that started I’d say 6 or 7 failed, no one dropped out during the weekend or got stopped after any particular event.

My scores were as follows (if my memory serves)
Pushups – 37
Situps – 58
Burpees – 26
Pullups – 7
300m sprint – 53s
Bleep test – 11.3
1.5 miler best effort – 10.22

As you can see from my results, I wasn’t the fittest by a long way, there were guys that were maxing out on most things which was pretty impressive to see, and of course upsetting for me D’oh.

My main few tips for the weekend are –

Take a pillow, sounds stupid but will definitely help you sleep better
Take a sleeping bag, believe or not some people didn’t
Don’t go down to Lympstone by mistake – YES, 2 people did hahaha
If you’ve got the choice, take a big hold all instead of a rucksack. It’s just easier to throw stuff in and take it out if you’re in a rush. I noticed this in a big way!
Make friends with the other lads and get the banter going, it takes your mind of what you’ve got to do and lightens the mood for everyone
Don’t give up regardless of anything
Make sure you get a kit list, if one isn’t provided then ask if they can get you one or ask on here and I’m sure someone will help you out. For us, it was pretty much –
Breakfast was a choice of either Cooked or cereal, after reading posts on here I thought people wouldn’t go near the cooked one, but most people did, I went for wheatabix both mornings…didn’t do me any harm.
I’d also take some chocolate, you might get the munchies or just need a bit of an energy kick before a big exercise etc.

Civvies, gym kit x 3, swimming kit, notebook and pen, knife + fork, water bottle. These were the most used anyway.

Hope this helps, if you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


ps, apols if this didn't make sense, only just got back and am knackered!!
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