Jun 11, 2008
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I know this should probably be in the RMR section, but I think that can be overlooked sometimes.

I have just started college (3rd time lucky ) and I am aiming to join the Marines in 2 years time. I was wondering whether the RMR would be a good way of keeping myself sane over the next 2 years.

Is it possible to leave the RMR and then join the 'real deal' as such?

I know they have a 4 year contract, but is it as obliging as the full RM one?

I think joining the RMR would help to prepare myself for the life, as well as actually doing something worthwhile. The problem is that I havn't heard anyone saying anything similar, so I am unsure if it's frowned upon, or even possible.


Jul 10, 2007
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It is entirely possible to qualify as a trained RMR Commando & later transfer to the regular RM, however it's by no means easy. If you want to get your green beret & the qualifications to enable you to join as an officer, then you need to be acutely aware that:

1. You need A Levels, not BTECs or NVQs which may not be accepted in lieu of A Levels (Talk to your AFCO to get categoric assurance you are taking the right qualifications- some colleges tell porkies with regard UCAS acceptability).

2. If you have gained a green beret as Other Rank RMR, assuming you pass officer selection, you will undergo RM Officer training wearing a blue beret- the same as everyone else. The course will be just as long & no different.

Basically you have to maintain a higher level of fitness for longer in the RMR, have to try & maintain your academic level of achievement & also juggle with your social & home life. Not easy- very few manage to maintain the balance & either 'can' the education or the RMR because both demand a an awful lot of committment.

If you're on £30 per week EMA as a full time student, then you have to ask yourself what you want most- the beret or the academic qualification. If the beret is the main aspiration, then you may be better considering earning £190 per week, whilst being paid and fully focussed on the objective with minimal distraction.

Good luck.
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