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Mar 7, 2007
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Driving into work this morning and I came across a Road Hogg who nearly ran me off the road. :evil: Normally I don't bite but I guess it was just one of those days! :twisted: He was driving in the outside lane doing around 50 mph and there was a gap of about 20 cars infront of him so I pulled out and pulled in front of him. As I went to pull in, he speeded up and almost rammed my car. :evil: Then he went on the inside and pulled in front of me. :*text deleted*:

Right, I thought, Ferk this. :evil: :twisted:

I put my sunglasses on and turned my vibes up loud as hell and pulled up right behind him. :twisted: I held off just a few feet away and kept pointing at him as he watched in his rear view mirror. :twisted: He sped up to 90 miles per hour and I started my pursuit. :twisted: The chase went on for some time, in and out of lanes and off slip roads and back on the main road. At one point I pulled along side him and he looked a little flustered, before he put his foot down again to get away from this possessed mad bassard who was chasing him. :shock: :twisted: :twisted:

Suddenly, my turn off appeared so I removed my Shades, turned down the music and casually pulled off onto the slip road. :D 8) Meanwhile, muggins, was accellerating like a bat out of hell. :eek:ops:

The morel of the story is, be curtious to people and they'll generally be curtious to you!

He He He He He He :evil: :shock: :D 8)




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Sep 15, 2007
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I like the sunglasses bit *text deleted*. Its seems now a days in sheffield the youth of out nation has decided there car windows much be a black as the night sky have exhorsts the size of naval gun turrents and an engin as loud as a Harrier jet. I dont realy see the point.


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Oct 5, 2007
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Wow is that a new site record for how many smilies are used in one post :*text deleted*:, tis good though made me laugh :D

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