Royal marien offical site?


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Apr 24, 2008
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Hey guys have not talked on here for ages there is so much information i don't need to ask any more question it brilliant a nice big database of info on here any thing i need all ya got to do is search it any way back to what i was saying went on the main royal marine site for my circuit program this morning and it had the log in menu up which is weired because i am usually always longed on don't need to keep entering pass each time, so i inputed my info and it said it was wrong re did it a few times and was still wrong so i fort ill re do my account so i attempted to make a new account and once all my details and stuff that u need to fill in was done i submitted it, and it loaded and went back to same page is the site bugged? can any of you get onto your account or make new once? its a dam shame wanted to look for a cool down stretch because i pulled a muscle on my run this morning and couldn't remember the stretch for the part of my leg i pulled it was only a small pull so i fort it would be best to just give it a few cool down stretches and *text deleted**text deleted* so it goes away nice and fast and is not a problem.