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Jan 28, 2014
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This is my first post so I thought it might be a good opportunity to run through my experience doing the Recruit tests for people who, like me, are in the early stages of the application process and want to know more about it. I attended the initial careers presentation in late December and returned my application form in early January. Within a week I got an invitation to sit the psychometric tests dated for the 27th January. I had read on the forum that fewer people were applying so I wasn’t surprised that there was only a 10 day period between receiving the invitation and sitting the test. If you are yet to apply, NOW might be a good time.
I was told to arrive by 1:00pm and within 30 minutes the staff had managed to check everyone in and get the tests started so you won’t be hanging around for very long at all. Everything you need to complete the test is provided. In total the tests take 44 minutes and are split into 4 sections: Reasoning (30 questions in 9 minutes), Verbal Ability (30 questions in 9 minutes), Numerical Ability (30 questions in 16 minutes) and Mechanical Comprehension (30 questions in 10 minutes). I’m not sure if it varies between AFCO’s but it isn’t like school where a big sign is put up to tell you the start and finish times. You have about 25 seconds per question so make sure you don’t spend too long on each one and if you don’t know the answer to one, GUESS, that gives you a 20% chance of getting it right. You will have a few minutes between each test where the test administer runs through the instructions for the sub sections and you will get a chance to do a few examples. WHATEVER YOU DO, AS SOON AS YOU ARE ASKED TO PUT YOU’RE PENCIL DOWN WHEN THE TEST IS OVER, DO IT! Once the tests are over the staff mark your test straight away so you get your results on the same day. At this stage, we were allowed to leave the office and told to return in an hour to collect our results. Once we returned they called each individual upstairs and gave them their results. The staff mentioned if you pass, expect a call within the next few days with the date and time of your competency-based interview.
Wear a watch – I didn’t and it was difficult to tell how long had gone. Break the test into small sections to make sure you are on track.
Don’t be late – I was almost late and it doesn’t leave a good impression. If you are getting off at Russell Square tube station, remember there are no escalators and the lift can take a while.
Dress Code – I wore a white shirt and smart trousers, but everyone was dressed differently and I don’t think it is important at this stage.
Preparation – Don’t underestimate the tests. A few people on the forum had suggested buying a book to prepare for it, take their advice. When you are practising, time yourself and be strict it will help simulate the real thing. The book you receive in your application pack shows you how the test is set out and gives you some examples. These are helpful but I don’t think they are adequate. There are lots of free tests you can do online that are really helpful as well.
Relax – I got quite stressed at the beginning of the test and usually do before any test. Make sure you read the question carefully before writing down your answer. Try and not to panic, you can always come back to a question if you don’t know the answer.
Check your answers – If you have time, check over any answers you were unsure about or guess the questions you have no clue about. If you put nothing down there is a 100% chance you will get 0%.
Rough Paper – Use the rough paper you are provided with in your answer book, it is very helpful for the numerical and mechanical parts.
Preparation – Spend a few hours preparing each evening for a few days running up to the test. I might have this wrong but I think you have to wait 6 months or 1 year to retake them again.
Revision Tips
Reasoning – Navy Booklet, online tests, psychometric test book.
Verbal Ability – As above.
Numerical Ability – As above, BBC GCSE Maths Bite size Revision.
Mechanical Comprehension – As above, BBC GCSE Physics Bite Size Revision.
If you prepare well for the test you will be fine. Best of luck if you are yet to take the test, I hope something I have mentioned has helped. Good Luck! :D


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Mar 11, 2011
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Welcome to the forum mate.

Your post pretty much sums it up! There are plenty of great websites to use (especially Bitesize for maths) all of which are free.

A guy I was taking the test with was applying as an Officer in the Navy and he was wearing trackies, a sweatshirt and a bodywarmer. Whatever you do, don't be that guy ;)


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Nov 13, 2015
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Great post, really helpful, I have my RT test this Wednesday in Manchester for The Royal Navy weapons engineer. I have been practising the test questions and purchased a book by Richard McMunn on RT questions.
Are the real questions on the day pretty much the same level as the test questions and did you find out your score on the day. I have been informed that I must score quite high if I want to go in the weapons engineering section????
What position did you apply for??

Mr D

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Jun 28, 2013
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@Rocky64110 , hi mate and welcome, the post's above are 18 mth old and carefree may or may not still be about, any info you want will most likely be on here somewhere,there's a search facility top right that works well,and if all else fails,well the safety net's name is @Ninja_Stoker, if he cant give you an answer then there aint one.

Again welcome.


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Aug 28, 2013
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I got around 20 out of 30 correct on mine and I was told I had a pick of jobs if my previous history of a knee injury stopped me from joining the marines. For WE you should be alright if you get around that 20/30 mark. The questions were slightly harder but the mechanical comprehension is the one to think about I found it mostly revolved around physics. Revise on maths as some of those include equations etc but nothing too majorly difficult.


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Oct 8, 2015
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Passed my RT today! Was a little bit nervous after reading some things online but all in all it was okay. The time does fly but I really didn't find it to bad. I think I finished all the questions in 2 of the sections and the other 2 I got up to about question 24/25. Feels good to get past the first small hurdle.

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