Running Pains!!!


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Jan 10, 2008
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i was on my regular run and i got a really achey pain to the right of my lower back. it was really painful! i continued to run on thinking it was just a niggle but then i started getting cramps up my right side and underneth my left shoulder blade which brought me to a stand still!!

it was really weird as i have never had this sort of pain ever when i run and this is been going on for almost 2 weeks and it hasnt settled down. i havnt been able to run properly and a get a decent no pain run since!

have any of you had the same or similer problems???

cheers, Lloydy

Gaz the "Taff"

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Jan 18, 2008
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0 by no means a Seasoned Pro with the anatomy and Training ect... but i used to get pain in the small of my back. it was either because i was overweight or i my posture was wrong and i was leaning to far forward. IS YOUR POSTURE RIGHT? depending on how much you train mate, DO YOU OVER TRAIN? take an extra rest day and you'll see that you will have improved a little.

i was suffering with this pinching pain in my Quads last week, when i'm running hard a pinch of pain starts brewing up. Really hurt. Now its my Calfs, they feel like *text deleted* baloons after a run but i think im over training a bit! my fault :D

not much help mate srry,i tried :P Take care mate