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Dec 8, 2007
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Does anyone have any good running and gym routines? I am currently running 4 times a week. I am running at a steady pace for between 45 and 60 mins each time. I was wondering wether it would be a good idea to perhaps do a timed 3 miler for one of those days a week and mix something else in aswell on another day? any ideas would be appriciated!

as for the gym I am going 4 times a week also. I have split my days up into body areas ie, shoulders, back, legs etc. Would I be better to do curcuits including press ups and sit ups etc like the marines website suggests or would this routine be ok as I am. I am beginning to think that the circuit approach woud be better.


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Jul 6, 2007
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I wouldnt so much focus on specific body parts on specifc nights unless you *text deleted* bulk up, circuits with high reps would be better for fitness mate.

Mate to give you a rough idea what i was doing on the build up to PRMC -

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri (Am) work between 1* of 2*text deleted*, 60/70minute long full body circuit workouts which including body weight exercises & weights.

*Circuit (1) full body circuit workout - 30secs rest between each exercise & repeat circuit continuosly for 60/70mins.

25 x pressups
15 x sit ups
15 x squats or Burpees
15 x shoulder press
15 x lat pull downs
15 x tricep dips
15 x bent over row
15 x Sit ups
15 x lunges or squat thrusts

*text deleted*Circuit (2) Upper body work out - 30secs rest between each superset & then 2mins rest between changing exercise .

25 x Press ups followed immediately by 10 x dumbbell chest press (Rest no more 10/30secs between each superset, then repeat another 4 times then 2mins rest before changing to next exercise)

20 x Shoulder press followed immediately by 15 x lat raises (Rest same as above, then repeat superset another 3 times then 2min rest)

25 x Lat pull downs followed immediately by 20 x bent over row (Rest as above, then repeat superset another 4 times then 2min rest)

30 x Sit ups followed immediately by 15 reverse sit ups (Rest as above, then repeat superset another 4 times then 2min rest)

then finish with 1 circuit of -

10 x press ups
10 x sit ups
10 x squats
10 x squat thrust or burpees
10 x press ups
10 x lunges
10 x sit ups

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri (PM) worked between 3 and 5 mile runs. 3miler was best effort and 5miler was made up with periods of 45sec sprints at random intervals over the 5miles.
At the end of each run i'd finish up with pull drop sets, 5sets start at 8reps, 6, 5, 5, 4 - 28 reps in total made sure i did them as quickly as possible while keeping proper form.

Wed & Sat - 1hr Swim breast stroke, then after would finish with 1 set of 8 pull ups.

Sunday - Full rest day.

You might find this useful ... :D