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May 2, 2019
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The Special Boat Service (Reserve) offers an unique experience and opportunity for selected individuals to serve alongside their regular counterparts. Only serving trained ranks (regular or reservist) will be eligible to apply. Trained ranks must be fully in date with MATTs, have no outstanding disciplinary issues and be medically fully deployable.

SBS(R) are located throughout the UK, but training is carried out in the South of England and Wales.

Successful candidates will need to display a high degree of commitment and fitness as the majority of the selection process is conducted to regular standard alongside the regular component.

Enquiries are by email only, ideally with a suitable member of your Chain of Command cc’d in. The email address is viewable to trained ranks via the DIN. If deemed suitable, applicants will be sent detailed information on the selection process and pathway. Applicants will be required to pass a five day briefing assessment course (BAC) prior to being loaded onto UKSF selection. The BAC is an arduous 5-day assessment phase that briefs on the qualities and standards required for service within UKSF and conducts initial assessments of candidates’ suitability for continued progression onto Selection.

Applicants must be no older than 33 years 364 days on weekend 1, of the Selection Induction Weekend (SIW) of SBS(R) Selection.

Applicants must be able to commit to intense and extended training demands and be willing to deploy overseas and commit to operations alongside the regular counterpart. SBS (R) recruits nationwide and welcomes applications from tri-service trained ranks.


  • Must be a serving trained rank (Regular or Reserve)
  • A high degree of commitment required
  • Unique training packages
  • Opportunity to serve overseas alongside regular counterparts
  • Majority of training is carried out alongside regular forces