Scrapping the Royal Marines?


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Jul 25, 2019
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This is on the back of Dom Cummings visiting various military sites in the last few days. The media hate the man within an inch of his life, and reading his blog it is easy to see that he would likely be a bit difficult to get along with.... If you only know about whats in the papers about him, you should check his blog out here: If you have the time, its incredibly interesting but be warned, it can be a bit challenging at times, and much of what he says makes an awful lot of sense and it is deeply deeply disruptive and quite revolutionary, for better or worse.

From what I can gather, he is very much focused on looking at increased specialization of the military ; if numbers are to be reduced it will likely be in the Army... It seems possible that elements of 3 Commando Brigade may be seen by him and his team as surplus to requirements - or its been misinterpreted as such, such as artillery and engineers. From his writing and general outlook it seems that the recent changes and developmental plans of the RM and the Future Commando Force dovetail very nicely indeed; smaller units of highly capable specialists, shifting toward SF like operational capability is what he has discussed in the past.

There is an interesting Sitrep Podcast on this defense review and Cummings role here that is worth listening to (9th July SitRep) :