Security Clearance - "Form is not ready yet"


Jun 22, 2019
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Made my security clearance account as per my AFCO's instructions however on my portal it says "Form is not ready yet"
Any idea what I need to do from here? I've attached a photo of what the bottom of my portal looks like.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 8.52.55 PM.png

My AFCO has just said that everything looks fine on their end so they're not sure whats causing the issue. I've tried multiple devices (Both apple and android) and made sure to access the portal outside of the maintenance hours. (Theyve been doing maintenance but I made sure to check the portal when theyre not doing this). I'm able to log in and out of the portal just fine but its just the "Form is not ready yet" which prevents me from even starting a/the form.
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