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Hi all, just stumbled across this site and have been reading some of your posts. You all sound dead keen, good luck to you all. I did the PRMC (or PRC as it was called way back then) in 96 and while alot has changed since then, a few tips I picked up may be of some help to you now.

1)POSTPONE the PRMC if you have recently been unwell/injured. I had flu about a week before I was due to attend the course. I recovered in time to go on the course and went. BIG MISTAKE! My energy levels were depleted, my performance was affected and I scored low marks in the Gym tests (some of my scores were way below what I was able to do before I got flu) and generally struggled. Better to go latter at your peak than meet a date and give a bad account of yourself because once you're there then there are NO EXCUSES! Don't worry what the AFCO people will think.

2) Do not presume that because you can do x amount of press ups (or whatever) in your training you will be able to do the same at the PRMC. You won't! It is hard to match the intensity of the PRMC in your training regime and the instructors are pretty liberal in their definition of what constitutes a "warm up"! My memories of the warmup for the Gym tests involved the intructors pushing us to physical exhaustion then cheerfully whipping us through the Gym tests in quick order. At the end of it you are, for want of a better word, spent!

3) Eat well before and during your time at Lympstone. You will be burning loads of calories doing the tests not to mention all the nervous energy you will be expending just being there and your body will need all the fuel it can get. Take a stash of energy bars to snack on when ever you get the opportunity. Make sure you stay hydrated. Do plenty of stretches and give you legs a massage before you go to bed to help breakdown all the lactic acid that has buillt up after your first day, otherwise you will be as stiff as a board the next day. These things may sound obvious but when you are with virtual strangers in a unfamiliar environment then you dont always do the obvious!

4) Don't get distracted. If you fail the PRMC make sure you learn from your shortcomings and try again. Don't get distracted from your goal by girlfriends, a college course, a job offer or whatever. There are a million and one reasons for not going back on the course and only one for giving it another go - You really need to want it!

5) You are on the course because the AFCO think you can pass it. Don't get NEG'ed out.

6) This is the most important tip of all! Don't listen to that little voice in your head telling you to quit!

Hope some of these tips help you out on your PRMC.


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Feb 14, 2008
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good advice, thanks for taking the time to write that!

my PRMCs coming up soon so thanks !



Jul 18, 2008
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Thanks for that advice, I don't know whether it is meant to but that motivated me hahaha.

Simon :)
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