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George W

Hello all, I was at an options evening for our school a few months ago and was roped in to speaking to a Navy Careers Officer, which when I started speaking to him I felt I would disregard everything he said. Being the idiot I am I more or less did. I went on the web the day after and just left it at that, this was about November 11.

I'm 15 years old and in my final year of school and plan to go the 6th form here. However this weekend I revisited the Navy career path after advice from my father, someone who nearly joined the Navy but instead regretted not doing it most of his life. After researching it I found it to be the source of discipline and skills I could use in my life as well as giving me purpose, structure and meaning. I have decided I want to join the Marines and have a few questions..

1) Is it true that The navy can pay for my University course if I chose to take one?

If yes:
-How long would I have to serve to become eligible for this?
-What kind of course would I get to choose from?
-What kind of universities?

2) What's the minimum amount go time I'd have to serve as a Marine?
-Is it true you can leave whenever with a 12 month notice?

Thank you for reading this:')



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Feb 25, 2012
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Hi there
Not sure about them paying for your uni course best bet for that is to contact your AFCO.

I know someone who got a bursary for a uni course from the army but I would find out for yourself based on your circumstances.

As for serving, you have to serve for 4 years in the royal marines, you can put in your notice to leave after 3 years at the earliest and have to serve 12 months after.
You have to give 12 months notice no matter how long you have served.