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Apr 5, 2007
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The National Strength and Conditioning Association has launched an initiative in response to the growing demand for resources for the tactical athlete. The NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program describes the tactical athlete as, "...anyone who's operational readiness requires speed,strength,agility and quickness....personnel that are forced to perform in the tactical environment to execute their mission/operations." I think that this is very relevant to lads preparing to become solidiers aswell..

any way they have a whole lot of resouces on strength,conditioning and nutrition including a monthly report which they release. I thought this might help any PRMC/POC hopefuls as well as any lads already in the corps. the website is www.nsca-lift.org/TSAC.

hope its of assistance..


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Oct 30, 2012
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Annual Plan for Marines Commando - Tactical Athlete.

Hi LewDog

I am studying an MSc in Strength and Conditioning and as part of an athlete case study I have to do I am training my cousin who would like to join the Royal Marines. I also have an interest in joining after my MSc course so the following question relates to me to.

After researching the tactical athlete it is apparent that any plan should be focused on injury prevention and optimising operational performance.

Is there any annual periodised plans that the Royal Marines have which are scientifically backed up to support injury prevention and optimal performance for their commandos (question mark doesn't work on my keyboard).

If not is there any plan that I would be able to get hold of to look at to help with my case study. People seem to think that when you join the military you just get intensely pushed (for some reason I cannot put the word *text deleted**text deleted**text deleted**text deleted* in that sentence) and that is how you develop the levels of fitness required. Although intensely pushing recruits may lead to mental toughness I believe the Marines Strength and Conditioning team must have an annual developmental plan for all recruits to prevent over training and get the greatest possible performance out of their soldiers as well as creating the mental toughness needed.

I would greatly appreciate any information you can so I can start training optimally myself and start training my cousin too.



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Apr 1, 2012
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